Price List

The base price of the accounting services depends on the number of entries

until 31.12.2021from 1.01.2022
Maximum 25 entries50 €/month 60 €/month
Maximum 50 entries84 €/month 95 €/month
Maximum 100 entries120 €/month 135 €/month
Maximum 150 entries140 €/month 155 €/month
Maximum 200 entries175 €/month 195 €/month
Over 200 entriesby mutual consent

The price of base services includes:
– inspection of basic documents and entering them to the books of accounts
– accounting of the fixed assets of the sales- and purchase ledger
– compilation of tax declarations and submitting them to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Additional services

until 31.12.2021from 1.01.2022
Payroll accounting to the first employee10 €/month 10 €/month
each following employee4 €/month 5 €/month
Economic year account – from84 €/pc 95 €/pc
Compilation of the statistics account20 €/pc 25 €/pc
Compilation of the other reports50 €/h 60 €/h
Other servicesby mutual consent

A-Firmad LCC is a parent company of the Head Accounting LCC,
more detailed information regarding it can be found from